About Us


We are committed to grow and walk alongside with our customers and building relationships on mutual trust and respect. The company's primary business is in building material, construction, hardware, and civil engineering. We believe in helping our customers to create value by providing better and faster solutions where they can save time, labor, and money. Apart from supply, we are also providing professional consultation and installation. We have completed numerous government and private projects in Malaysia and Singapore. We aim to be your Most Trusted Partner.


We are now one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in Malaysia and is heading towards South East Asia. We prepare ourselves with massive inventory size to cope with large scale and urgent order and we are proud to say that we are almost never out of stock. With the commitment and efforts from management and staff, we were awarded the SIRIM certification in the year 2000. Through continuous improvement and development, we have also successfully implemented ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System to produce quality products that will provide satisfaction and confidence. The company places heavy emphasis on quality control of our products' quality, durability, and usability. Our philosophy and commitment - ''Quality Always Come First''.

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